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This page contains an alphabetized list of (mostly expository) online mathematics articles I have written, along with some seminars that I have organized in the past. You can either view them as a web article or as a poorly typeset PDF. Please send me an email if you find any errors or typos!


  1. Hilbert's 10th problem
  2. Infinity categories


  1. Cartan-Hadamard theorem for metric spaces (PDF)
  2. Casas-Alvero conjecture (PDF)
  3. Categorical coproducts and K-theory (PDF)
  4. Euler Characteristic is the index of an operator (PDF)
  5. Gauss-Legendre algorithm (PDF)
  6. IU analysis qualifying solutions (PDF)
  7. Local systems as locally constant sheaves (PDF)
  8. Motivating schemes with the Weil conjectures (PDF)
  9. Ramanujan conjecture (PDF)


Fall 2023 AG & NT seminar

Spring 2024 AG & NT seminar