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Spring 2024 AG & NT seminar

This is the schedule from the Indiana University spring 2024 graduate seminar in algebraic geometry and number theory.

Date Speaker Topic Details
1/23/2023 Justin Asher Hilbert's 10th problem Notes
2/6/2023 Vladimir Shein D-modules Abstract
2/20/2023 Michael Larsen Asymptotics of the decomposition of rank n tensors of a 2-dimensional space Abstract
2/27/2023 Yuxuan Liao An introduction to the Chabauty-Coleman method Abstract
3/5/2023 Justin Asher Scholze's approach to the weight-monodromy conjecture Abstract
3/19/2023 Pavel Coupek
(Michigan State)
Geometric quadratic Chabauty over number fields Abstract
4/9/2023 Jack Garzella (UCSD) Why the perfectoid Tate algebra and \(A_{\text{inf}}\) are algebraically the same