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Fall 2023 AG & NT seminar

This is the schedule from the Indiana University fall 2023 graduate seminar in algebraic geometry and number theory.


Date Speaker Topic Details
8/25/2023 Justin Asher Motivating schemes with the Weil conjectures Notes
9/8/2023 Justin Asher Casas-Alvero conjecture Notes
9/15/2023 Nathan Lowry Topos theory in algebraic geometry Abstract
9/22/2023 Vladimir Shein Motivic zeta functions Abstract
10/6/2023 Justin Asher Deligne's proof of the Ramanujan conjecture Notes
10/20/2023 Yuxuan Liao Rigid cohomology Abstract
10/27/2023 Nai-Heng Sheu Rational representations of general linear groups in algebraic geometry Abstract
11/3/2023 Matthias Strauch Galois representations and analytic vectors Abstract
12/1/2023 Vladimir Shein Prismatization and prismatic cohomology Abstract