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This page contains an alphabetized list of (mostly expository) online mathematics articles I have written. You can either view them as a web article or as a poorly typeset PDF. Please send me an email if you find any errors or typos!


  1. Hilbert's 10th problem


  1. Cartan-Hadamard theorem for metric spaces (PDF)
  2. Casas-Alvero conjecture (PDF)
  3. Categorical coproducts and K-theory (PDF)
  4. Euler Characteristic is the index of an operator (PDF)
  5. Gauss-Legendre algorithm (PDF)
  6. IU analysis qualifying solutions (PDF)
  7. Local systems as locally constant sheaves (PDF)
  8. Motivating schemes with the Weil conjectures (PDF)
  9. Ramanujan conjecture (PDF)